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Regional School Districts/Boards of Education

This is usually the first place to start because these organizations have the most comprehensive and authoritative information on job vacancies within their areas. This information is often on the school board’s website, as well as the district’s hiring practices, application requirements and any job fairs that are in the area. For easy reference, our state pages list the contact information of each state’s board of education, though for individual school districts, you should be able to find the information fairly quickly through any search engine.

Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofit educational organizations offer teaching positions to recent college graduates. Often, these programs will ease the transition into a teaching career by providing experience, financial assistance, and support for continuing education and certification. Teach For America External link  is one organization that helps get teachers into high needs schools. Teach For All External link AmeriCorps. External link  and Teach & Inspire External link  are similar organizations. Many states have their own organizations, such as NYC Teaching Fellows External link DC Teaching Fellows External link Teach Kentucky External link  and many others. These programs ensure temporary job placement, however, acceptance is extremely competitive. In 2009, Teach For America accepted only 4,100 of 35,000 applicants.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are excellent networking tools to meet potential employers and make connections with other current and aspiring teachers who can share their resources. Job fairs allow you to find open positions, learn about hiring practices and refine your application documents. You should always bring copies of your resume and spend as much time as possible at the event. Dress appropriately to greet potential employers and hand out your resume to as many people as you can. Be sure to collect business cards and contact information. You can generally find job fairs through a quick query on any search engine or through your local education boards. Websites like Want to Teach also compile lists of such events from all over the nation onto one page.

Niche Databases

The Internet is a great tool to find job postings. Websites like Craigslist or Monster post a wide spectrum of available jobs, so searching for teaching jobs on those sites can be. However, many niche databases lists jobs specifically in education and can be a wonderful resource for your job search. Some of these sites charge a membership fee, but many are either open to the public or offer free membership. Here are some extremely useful resources that only post educational positions, thus helping narrow your search:

Education Crossing External link 

Unfortunately, not all things in life are free. While members must pay a monthly membership fee to use the site, the end results may be well worth it. is a little different from traditional job search sites because the site is actually a job reporting service. Site administrators thoroughly search for and research each position that is posted on the site to provide job seekers with the most current leads and information needed to land various positions, so job seekers are essentially paying for a comprehensive view of applicable job openings without the hassle of visiting multiple sites.

Academic Careers External link 

This site enables job seekers to take a proactive approach to searching for a teaching position. In addition to being able to search for available teaching positions (some of which are posted directly by schools), the site enables users to post resumes and view job fair listings after completing a short registration process. This site includes job postings for faculty positions (in all subjects from biology to humanities) as well as administrative, library


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